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“Running Man”
by St. Claire Donaghy


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The 18th annual
Medicine Chase for 2016
will be held on Saturday,
April 30, 2016
The race will start at
Greenwood Christian School.


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for the 2016
Medicine Chase

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Greater Greenwood United Ministry is a
multi-faceted ministry owned and operated
 by Christian Congregations of Greenwood County,
who are members of the organization.

Greater Greenwood United Ministry (GGUM) is a Non-Profit Organization.
GGUM assists residents of Greenwood County only.
GGUM's purpose is to help people with Spiritual, Physical and Emotional needs.
GGUM's credo is "Give a hand-up and not a hand-out".
GGUM's Goal is to help people get beyond their crisis and make better life choices

Unique Assets of our Ministry:
We provide a way for community churches to collaborate in meeting needs of very vulnerable and fragile population. Those churches who join GGUM will avoid duplication of services and have qualified persons investigating each individual need. Our Free Medical Clinic is the only one in Greenwood County that provides free dental services along with its free medical services. GGUM is the only source of free prescription medicine in the county.  All services of GGUM are provided by volunteers, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, lab-techs, administrator, interviewers, receptionists and other

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